Andre Gonzalez

Owner/Barber (Millersville)

Seeing the reaction of the clients face as they see their haircut, the sounds of the clippers and the smells of the barbershop, a building tradition of relationships between barber and client, has been the driving force for The Vintage Clipper’s owner Andre Gonzalez.

There are only a few barbers in this lifetime of ours born with an immense sense of humor but no one like Dre’s. His laugh can cause mass hysteria within the barbershop causing an uproar of laughter. Dre is easily known for his wild and crazy ways from his antics on “The Cutting Crew” a show based on the many happenings at “The Cutting Edge Barbershop,” Dre is by definition a perfectionist when it comes to cutting hair. Dre is precise and at a very young age knew this was the trade that was going to allow him to be successful as an adult. Andre Gonzalez just isn’t the face that runs the place at The Vintage Clipper, he is its heartbeat.

Thirteen years of age was it for me, I would grace the doors of Champs Barbershop (Lancaster, PA) and see barbers like Amit Corso and J.Valentine, cutting and would just fall for the art. There was just something about transforming someone’s look and giving them exactly what they asked for. I guess it was a trust thing for me having a client trust you to turn on a pair of clippers and create a work of art on their head. It was definitely running through my mind a lot at the time and I knew that if this was something I were to be serious about that I would have to begin my journey.

Throughout high school I was taking Culinary Arts.

I kind of wanted to be a chef; it was another way of expression yet with food. If barbering wasn’t my only love I’d be cooking it up in my own restaurant of some sort.

Being a client and spending time at the barbershop really influenced me to further my ambitions on becoming a barber. Amit Corso was my first boss in this business – he made me an apprentice, where I gained the tools I needed to get to where I am today. But what I was most pleased with was earning the experience and the lessons I learned, whether it was something that was shown or taught to me, or when at times I just would soak everything
in and watched and learned. It was truly what I needed. Working with a lot of talented barbers through out the many years at The Cutting Edge.

When the opportunity to own my very own barbershop came into to play, I felt I was ready for the challenge and take the many lessons along with me to be passed down to the next generation of barbers that i will employ.


That’s prayer for me. It is the one thing I look forward to when I lock up my barbershop for the night.

“WORKAHOLIC” that is what they call it? Yeah, you can say that about me but I see the other barbers from around the nation with a huge work ethic that I follow throughout Instagram, and seeing that rubs off on me in my life. Every time I turn on my barbershop lights and I get my first client of the day, it never fails that I am taken back to my first time cutting my very first client in a barbershop. It’s always a humbling memory.

I remember I was a little boy with the pickiest mother at that who hawked me throughout the haircut. She criticized everything I did. It was my 3rd bald fade ever so you can imagine the nervousness i was experiencing at that moment. It taught me something when the haircut was complete, that “after i wiped the sweat off my brow, I’ll always be ready for the next one.

It’s the thing that keeps me grounded and ready knowing that there’s always going to be a next one and one after that. That’s what fuels me, that is what keeps me falling in love with this business.

Now taking my barbering skills to another level in teaching the young minds of up and coming barbers, the tools they will use in this trade. Teaching at the schools like Premiere Barber School under Tyrik Jackson, Champs Barber School – teaching is another way for me to express the art but help mold these barbers to do things the right way in this business.

The one thing that kept me going and moving forward is my FAITH. It is so strong. Without God nothing is possible and it is within the gift God gave me in barbering that I now share with others. That is why I wake up and go to work and that is why I do this day in and day out, it is what God has always wanted me to do.


My creed and prayer to lead me down the right path everyday and I am enjoying the steps I have taken thus far. Fear had gotten the best of me at one point in my life that I needed to weed out those who held me back from success. I lacked that motivation and determination for success until I faced my fears head on and now have defeated them and plan to open another barbershop in the near future.

I have become a rare breed. I have changed a lot in my life. I like to rephrase that I’ve grown a lot and it may have seemed like forever, but better late than never. I want to show others that there is always room to grow, always room for improvement, always room to learn, you’re never too old to learn something new even if it’s about yourself. The stars were put here for a reason so reach for them, there is a reason why we dream at night, so we can wake up the next day to GO AFTER them.

What drives you? What is that force that keeps you going? Those are two questions one should ask themselves – for me it’s my family, my love for barbering, my God that is my driving force.

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